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CMOffer - the results of our operations from April-June:

  CMOffer Etsy Shop Management:

  1. Time-saving: We handle your shop entirely, freeing you from the hassle.
  2. Risk-free: No expenses or losses on your part; We pay you a share based on sales.
  3. Multi-platform expertise: Our experience spans Etsy and other platforms.
  4. Supported by a mature foreign trade industry: ensuring information security.



Our hosting services cover a wide range of areas to ensure full support for your Etsy shop. Below are the results of our operations from April-June:


🌟 Impressive 93% order rate in the first month:

Through precise market positioning and optimized operational strategies, we ensure your store secures a high number of orders from the very first month, setting the stage for your business's success!

the sales of our store—— Bling Empire Design

6 4月

6 5月-1

6 6月


🌟 Lightning-fast startup:

Hand over your store to us, and within just one week, we will commence operations. In a short span of two weeks, we will invest in advertising resources, catapulting your store above competitors and increasing its visibility!

the sales of our store—— SPECTREROSES

3 4月

3 5月(1)

3 6月

🌟 Consistent Growth:

Under our management, large stores have sustained monthly revenues exceeding £5000 for three consecutive months! Not just one shop, but many of the stores we serve boast exceptional sales figures, making them industry leaders!

the sales of our store—— Allshopeeze

16 5月

16 6月(1)

🌟 Customer Priority:

After Etsy payments, we prioritize transferring sales proceeds directly to your account, ensuring your interests are safeguarded. Once customers receive their share, the remaining amount is promptly transferred to the CMOffer account, maintaining transparency and fairness.


CMOffer remains fully committed to delivering flexible and efficient shop management services to fuel continuous growth for your business!

Get in touch with us now to embark on a journey of even greater achievements!🌠


You can create a store and let us manage it for you. You don't need to participate in any shop operation work, and you will receive a sales commission when the store generates sales. For more details, please consult our Etsy agency service.