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Start Your Wholesale Jewelry Business

Wholesale Opportunity

  • Do you love Jewellery?
  • Do you know the profits in the jewelry industry?
  • Have you ever wanted to launch your own jewelry business?
  • Are you looking to generate a second income around your current job?
  • Are you stay at home looking for an exciting way to generate an income?
  • CMOFFER is a one-stop Customized Jewelry and Gift wholesale Platform. Providing 10,000 styles of Jewelry and fulfillment service. Help you start Jewelry business easily.
Wholesale Opportunity

Wholesale Services

  • Exclusive Price: Access to our entire range at a heavily discounted rate.
  • Risk Prediction: We will evaluate the long-term development feasibility of cooperation based on your existing business.
  • Design & Delivery: We provide one-stop design and delivery services. You can cooperate with confidence even you have little jewelry experience.
  • Product Support: Provide one-on-one customer ser-vice to assist the latest updated products.
  • Marketing Consultancy: Provide rational order configuration scheme to maximize the margin of Wholesaler.

Wholesale Policy

  • Suggested Offline Sales Locations: Flea market, Gift Shop, Shopping malls, pedestrian streets, commercial streets, the vicinity of the subway or middle schools, places with relatively concentrated traffic.
  • Suggested Ways To Sell Online: Owns e-commerce online stores, social media KOL, online celebrities, live streaming, etc.
  • Wholesale Fees: Zero investment, zero risk, no membership fee.
  • Wholesale Profit: Sales prices of the goods are determined according to the circumstances of each country/region, and the sales profit is about 50%-500%. 

Start Selling Today!

Custom 3D Jewelry Heart Necklace
As low as $20.8
Custom 3D Jewelry Cross Necklace
As low as $18.9
Custom 3D Jewelry Heart Ring
As low as $15
Custom 3D Jewelry Birthstone Ring
As low as $14.99
Custom 3D Jewelry Birthstone Necklace
As low as $15.5
Custom 3D Jewelry Birthstone Ring
As low as $15.5
Custom 3D Jewelry Cross Ring
As low as $17.9
Custom 3D Jewelry Couple Ring
As low as $15
Custom 3D Jewelry Heart Moissanite Ring
As low as $20
Custom 3D Jewelry Heart Shaped Ring
As low as $16.5
3D Jewelry Heart Shaped Necklace
As low as $17.5
3D Custom Heart Necklace Jewelry
As low as $19.2
Custom 3D Jewelry Beach Necklace
As low as $16
Custom K Gold Black Onyx Ring
As low as $35.00
K Gold Black Rutilated Quartz Ring
As low as $50.00
Custom K Gold Moonstone Ring
As low as $226.00
Custom K Gold Morganite Ring
As low as $132
K Gold Natural Gemstone Ring
As low as $280
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