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Return Policy

Update time:2023.1.1


In order to protect the rights and interests of CMOFFER platform users (hereinafter referred to as "users" or "you") and to demonstrate CMOFFER's high quality service capability, CMOFFER promises to provide the following after-sales service.


1.After-Sales Application Time

30 Days Guaranteed from the date of shipment of the order.


2.After-sales acceptance range

Problems with received custom products from CMoffer qualified to apply for after-sales service within 30 days.

Providing corresponding evidence as required,CMoffer will submit to the responsible party for verification and confirmation respectively, and if no agreement can be reached between both sides, Shopify official will make responsibility determination based on the evidence provided by CMoffer and customers.


  • Day Warranty Policy Situation

Please understand we do not accept returns for personalized items. But we generally have a 60 days guarantee policy, during this time period we provide free new replacements (We will only exchange the item(s) for the same product, or for item(s) of equal or lesser value), and this policy applies to the following conditions:

  1. We sent the wrong order or item(s), customers received broken items, or the quality of the product customers received is damaged/defective.


  1. Customers received the incorrect personalized products: wrong birthstones, wrong names engraved, wrong sizes.


Orders for customized products that have already been put into production are also non-refundable, so please contact our customers service or your sales manager for the confirmation of order status.


  • NOT Covered By Our 30-Day Guarantee Police

Our 30-day guarantee policy does NOT cover the following, and we are not liable for these issues:

  1. Products have been exposed to corrosive substances or chemicals. These chemicals include but are not limited to, seawater, sunscreen, and perfume. Oxidized silver is easily damaged.


  1. Any damage to jewelry caused by neglectful, abusive or natural wear and tear are not covered. Damages, such as hit or knocks is easily found under inspection.


3.Supporting document for after-sales applications

  1. Seller has completed the refund or re-issuance to the end consumer (hereinafter referred to as the "buyer") on the cross-border sales platform where the user is the seller, that is, the screenshot of the refund or re-delivery of the order on the cross-border e-commerce platform where the user is the seller (the refund screenshot needs to include the order number, product information, and logistics order number; the screenshot of the re-dispatch needs to include the order number on CMoffer and the order status is confirmed produced or shipped).


  1. Certificates that help verify that the reasons for applying for a refund or reissue by the buyer of the cross-border e-commerce platform are within the scope of the platform's after-sales guarantee, including but not limited to:

(1) A physical picture or video of the product, which can clearly show the problems of the product.


(2) A screenshot of the chat history or refund remarks with the buyer who applied for a refund (the screenshot must contain the text information of the buyer's feedback that there is a problem with the product). Example: Refund is not supported if the reason for requesting a refund is a subjective description of dislike, etc. or other reasons that cannot be attributed to the manufacturer of the CMOFFER platform.


(3) Other certificates. Example: The reason for applying for a refund is that the description does not match (size/weight), and the user needs to provide proof that the product description of the seller on the cross-border EC platform is consistent with the description of the goods purchased on the CMOFFER platform, and a photo that can prove the measurement result.



4.After-sales processing process

  1. The user initiates an after-sales service application, explains the reasons for applying for after-sales service and describes the specific problems in detail, and provides the corresponding after-sales vouchers in accordance with this policy.


  1. After receiving the after-sales application initiated by the user, the platform will accept it within 2 working days (counting from the time the user submits the application, and postponed accordingly in the event of weekends, statutory holidays, etc.), and send the application questions and evidence certificates submitted by the user to the party responsible for verification and confirmation.


  1. If the problem owner is confirmed, the platform will pass the after-sales application submitted by the user; If the party to the problem has objections, the CMOFFER platform will determine the responsibility based on the evidence provided by both parties.


  1. After the after-sales application is approved, the platform is expected to return the money to the user's CMOFFER account balance within 1-3 working days.



5.Special Tips

  1. The goods sold on this platform are customized goods, which cannot be sold twice, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of users and manufacturers, the goods sold do not support return and exchange without reason.


  1. If the goods customized by the user violate laws and regulations or violate the legal rights of a third party, the order goods cannot be sent or are recovered, destroyed or seized by the relevant authorities after being sent, the user shall bear the losses.


  1. If the part of the customized goods delivered by multiple pieces is damaged, lost, the description does not match, does not meet the quality requirements, etc., but does not affect the realization of the functions of the remaining part of the customized goods and can be used independently, only the after-sales application for the problematic goods can be applied.


  1. Refund instructions: The refund amount is subject to the amount actually paid by the user when placing the order (including the payment and freight), and any form of preferential part such as coupons and full discounts used in the payment process will not be refunded. For orders that refund only a portion of the item, the shipping amount refunded is calculated as a percentage of the value of the purchase.



6.Other matters

This "After-sales Policy" is effective from January 1, 2023, and orders and customers purchased before the effective date of this after-sales policy are still subject to the original after-sales policy. The final interpretation of this policy belongs to CMOFFER.