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How to Connect an Etsy Shop

Getting Started

Welcome to CM Offer!

Welcome to CM Offer! In this article we will cover how to connect an Etsy Shop to your CM Offer account. If you’re excited to start your own online store with CM Offer but aren’t sure how to get started, then this article is exactly where you should be!

We recommend that new users connect an ecommerce store to their account before processing real customer orders. Connecting a store will allow you to quickly filter orders by store in the future if you decide to open your brand on multiple platforms.

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1. Connect Your Etsy Shop to CM Offer

Start by using connecting your Etsy Shop with your free CM Offer account. Don't worry, this tutorial will be an easy one!

2. Start Planning Ahead

Finally, spend some time to plan out your next couple steps and schedule a launch date for your new business.

1. Connect Your Etsy Shop to CM Offer

After logging into your CM Offer account, it is easy to connect an Etsy Shop to your user account. While it may sound technical, don't worry! This is likely to be one of our easiest tutorials yet, and you won't need to write even a single line of code! Adding a store will help to keep track of which orders came from which store in future when you start to expand your brand across multiple ecommerce platforms.

Login to CM Offer

First, navigate to the CM Offer login page at

You can also get there by clicking the button below:



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Create New Store

Next, navigate to the Store page on the left hand menu by selecting Stores -> Store.

Towards the top right area of the screen, select the "Create" button and choose to add a store by the "Manual" method.


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Enter Store Name and URL

Enter your store name and URL into the two provided fields.

The store name does not need to match your Etsy store exactly, this is just for you to see which store orders have been attributed to on the Order page.

To make the store URL, you will need to know your Etsy username. The store URL will be your

For example if your username is "mystore", then the Etsy Shop URL would be:


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Click Save

After you enter your store name and URL, remember to hit save before leaving the application.

This may seem unnecessary to mention, but you wouldn't believe how many users miss this simple step!


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3. Start Planning Ahead

Now that you have successfully connecter your Etsy Shop and CM Offer account, it is time to start planning the next steps. It would suffice to say that we have opened a fair number of ecommerce stores ourselves. The following are the next steps our team would follow when opening an ecommerce store with a new vendor. If you have been following along our getting started tutorial series, you will notice that now most of the list is complete and it is almost time to launch!


Import a Product

Add a product from our catalogue to your store. We offer basic photos that you can use for the initial listing, but we do recommend that you take additional lifestyle photos when your physical sample arrives. Product photos that take place in real environments are much more likely to convert compared to photos on blank backgrounds.

Estimated Time: 1 hour per product


After you have chosen your products and added them to your storefront, it is time to open for business! Do one last double check of the details in your store and publish your listings to the general public.

Estimated Time: 2-3 hours

Still, have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.